Our clients are primarily companies seeking financial support for investment or bridging purposes, pursuing specific ventures such as the purchase of assets for the company (real estate, equipment, goods) or looking to refinance other debts. We have been successfully operating in the financial market for more than a decade, raising a total of PLN 90 million of mobilized financing for our clients on an average annual basis. The largest group of our clients are companies in the construction, development and manufacturing industries, although no industry is an obstacle to our cooperation.

  • Financing from PLN 1 to 15 million per project
  • Real estate as collateral for financing
customer verification
and project analysis
Analysis of collateral (real estate) for the financing provided and the source of repayment of the loan.
Legal analysis, verification of attractiveness and market value of real estate
Decision to cooperate
The conditions of the granted
financing and cooperation
Legal services and investment advice
Notarial deed
Disbursement of funds
Project completed

We have been arranging capital for Our Clients for more than a decade. The sum of raised and mobilized funds since the beginning of Green Hill reaches nearly 650 million zlotys. We raise funds from institutional entities, such as Private Equity financial funds, as well as through the issuance of bonds under a specified Economic Entity, and from Private Investors with whom we have been working for many years.
We are looking for new investment projects with a need for private financing with attractive collateral against the pledge of a loan.
Wanting to grow geometrically, we are constantly looking for new sources of capital and Investors interested in providing secure loans for our Clients' projects with the possibility of making a profit disproportionately higher than the conditions in the commercial market.