Intermodal Logistics Center - cooperation with Pekabex

Planned on nearly 11 hectares, the Intermodal Logistics Hub in Babimost is a superbly located and unique investment nationwide, combining three modes of transportation with warehouse and production space for lease.

  • 19600 m² of warehouse and production space
  • Own railroad siding with a length of ~2.5 kilometers
  • 3300 m² of intermodal terminal with the possibility of expansion
  • Intermodal, is, among other things, a panacea for the rapidly rising costs of transportation and logistics, but most importantly a step towards reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Intermodal, this is the future, and it starts here and now 👊

media: https://tiny.pl/9wmzm

Thank you Pekabex for your cooperation.